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Beth A. Foster
Integrative Cancer Coach

What it is...

Integrative Cancer Coaching uses a holistic framework to ensure all of your resources – body, mind, spirit, community and more – are engaged in your overall cancer experience. By tapping into a more robust view you enable your innate wisdom to drive your decision-making process. This inner strength, coupled with practical tools and resources, resets the “play button” with you as the driver in the midst of an often overwhelming and chaotic experience. By reengaging from a place of unconditional confidence, you are able to navigate your new reality with greater clarity, ease, and dignity.

In the coaching partnership, the cancer coach often serves as a neutral resource whose only purpose is to ensure YOU have what you need to navigate your own cancer experience. There are no competing agendas, be it the medical team(s), insurance companies, family or friends. Instead, a cancer coach is fully present to dialogue on how you want to show up for this experience.  By engaging with a coach you tap into what is most important to you and begin to create the road map forward that aligns with your own needs.

In this partnership, your coach may work with you in some of the following ways:

  • Assisting you in being with and moving through the initial shock of a diagnosis
  • Facilitating understanding of pathology reports and medical “speak”; including research of various treatment options
  • Dialoguing openly about what you want and how you want to show up with your new reality 
  • Building lists of questions for doctor appointments, both clinical and relationship-focused
  • Accompanying you to various medical appointments as a neutral “second pair-of-ears”, providing further ease and clarity of current options
  • Providing methods for coping with the overflow of feelings, be it fear, anger, despair, or confusion
  • Creating a holistic plan for healing and navigation forward, encompassing practical items such as meals, daycare, inner circle of support; as well as physical, emotional and spiritual needs
  • Holding safe space to explore everything that comes up throughout this entire experience
  • Educating and facilitating available resources within your community and on-line
  • Exploring your newfound beliefs and needs, creating a post-treatment “re-integration” plan back into mainstream living
  • Being the one “go-to” partner that is with you throughout the entire process, from diagnosis, treatment, post-treatment, survivorship, and even end-of-life, should this be imminent.

How it benefits you
Engaging a coach can benefit you directly by cultivating:

  • A sense of control
  • Feelings of relief, stability and hope
  • Deeper self-awareness and clarity
  • Ease and presence
  • Courage to be with “what is”
  • Motivation to engage and move forward
  • Respect and dignity for self and from your team
  • Unconditional confidence in yourself and your decisions
  • Humor and a light-touch, when needed

By understanding who you are and what you want, you enhance your own healing process. Through the alignment of your inner truth with the external truth of your options and choices, you create your own “real” truth about cancer. While you can’t control the circumstances, you can control how you show up.

You Decide. Your Life. Your Choice.