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Beth A. Foster
Integrative Cancer Coach
My philosophy of authentic presence and curiosity will drive how we engage together, regardless of the service provided. I believe in transparency, openness and partnership as you engage your own wisdom to determine what is right for you.

One-on-One Coaching
Coaching is an opportunity to work directly with someone in exploring what is right for you when a recent cancer diagnosis may have knocked you off kilter. Coaching provides a platform for you to regain your balance, take a breath, and begin to navigate forward based on your own inner wisdom that has always been present. Below are just a few ways how I can partner with you throughout your experience:
  • Assist in moving through shock of diagnosis, to include grounding and mindfulness practices
  • Facilitate understanding of medical reports and research, in partnership with TKiS Consulting, a scientific, medical liaison company
  • Educate on and facilitate community and online resources
  • Create a plan for practical, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being throughout your experience
  • Listen deeply and hold space for exploring what arises throughout your engagement on this path
  • Partner in navigating the post-treatment stress of integration when "living" life is anything but "back to normal" 
Rate for coaching is $75 per hour, and can be done in person, by phone, or via Skype. If cost is a deterrent, please contact me for additional resources.

Workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of your group. In partnership, we will work to determine your objectives and create content that results in a successful outcome. Some workshop topics may include:
  • What's Your Game Plan?: Creating a Roadmap Forward
  • What's in Your Cancer Closet?: Opening to Self-Awareness
  • Mindfulness Practice: How Can it Help?
  • Who's in your Inner Circle?: Navigating Support of Family and Friends
Workshops can be facilitated in hour-long, half-day to day-long sessions, in addition to creating weekend retreats. Many of the workshop topics can also be crafted into webinars to meet your audiences' needs. Rates for workshop facilitation will be dependent on scope of services, resources required, and other variables. Please contact me to discuss how we can best partner together in this capacity.

Speaking Engagements
Often I find that connecting with another who has been through a cancer diagnosis can be monumental in the healing process. By engaging as speaker, my goal is to inspire, connect and engage others to go within, self-reflect and be curious with their reality, ultimately tapping into what is right for them on their path forward. Some engaging speaking topics for your audience may include:
  • Reclaiming Yourself from Fear: Choosing to Show Up
  • Understanding Your Options: Navigating from a Place of Strength
  • Looking at Your Mortality and Continuing to Breathe
  • The Three C's of a Cancer Diagnosis: Compassion, Confidence and Courage
  • Being the CEO of your Care
Please contact me directly for speaking rates and availability.