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Beth A. Foster
Integrative Cancer Coach

As a two-time cancer survivor prior to the age of forty, I understand that when presented with a cancer diagnosis so many emotions may immediately arise – shock, disempowerment, fear, and devastation. You do not understand your options. You are trying to comprehend what is happening and your doctors do not always seem to be listening.

While trying to take care of your health and well-being, you are dealing with unexpected financial burdens, navigating insurance protocols, managing multiple appointments, supporting others impacted by your diagnosis and feeling exhausted by the simple day-to-day practicalities of life. 

Missing through it all is the common thread that weaves your experience together, creating stability, support and space for you to heal. As an Integrative Cancer Coach I partner with you from day one of your diagnosis through treatment, and beyond. I work with you during survivorship when your "team" seems to have dissipated and you are left feeling even more alone. And I am there for you as a certified end of life doula should you have received the most devastating news of all. As your coach, I serve as collaborator, deep listener, facilitator, celebrant, support and friend throughout the highs and lows of your entire experience.